Early Autumn at the Sturgeon | Hibbing, MN Photographer | David Szweduik Photography

_DSP9405-Autumn Sturgeon

Two weekends ago I had a few minutes after getting some work done in the woods in preparation of deer season to grab my camera and play a little at one of my favorite places to photograph in the fall, the Sturgeon River.

I’ve been to this particular spot along the river many different times over the years as it’s always meandering over the multitude of rocks until after about a 3/4 miles stretch it empties into a large pool to swirl lazily before continuing along it’s path through the forest.

This trip was a little earlier than some in the past year’s but there was still a fair amount of golden autumn color starting to pop so I decided it was a perfect time to try out some long exposure photography during the day, with the intent of creating something to submit to our IRPG Photo Challenge contest we have going. Each contest runs a few weeks with a new theme each time, this time it happened to be “Long Exposures” and I thought that I’d finally have a chance to create something to participate with as well as try out some daylight long exposures which I’ll give you the details behind how I created these photos towards the end of the post. For now, enjoy the photos!

_DSP9397-Autumn Sturgeon

_DSP9398-Autumn Sturgeon

_DSP9400-Autumn Sturgeon

_DSP9403-Autumn Sturgeon

_DSP9405-Autumn Sturgeon

_DSP9406-Autumn Sturgeon

_DSP9408-Autumn Sturgeon

_DSP9412-Autumn Sturgeon

_DSP9420-Autumn Sturgeon

_DSP9414-Autumn Sturgeon

All of these images were created over the span of maybe an hour I suppose and I started out by locking everything down on my tripod and attaching a 3 stop ND filter on my Nikon 50mm f/1.8 lens. I then stopped down somewhere in the f/18-f/22 range and this was allowing me to achieve exposure times of about 2-3 seconds. The results were decent though not quite as creamy in the water as I was hoping since I couldn’t get to a 15-30 second exposure in full daylight. Then I had an idea that I tried based off of some other recent experimenting I have been doing with in camera multiple exposures. Since the camera was locked down on the tripod and nothing in the scene was moving besides the water and some of the leaves when the wind would pick up I figured that most likely the multiple exposures would just keep stacking, leaving the rocks and trees sharp and clear while the changes in the water surface would blur together more and more as in camera exposures continued to stack. So I set my camera to do an in camera 10 shot multiple exposure combined with the ND filter and each exposure taking 2-3 seconds and bingo it gave me some super creamy water that flowed like satin over the rocks. The added bonus that I hadn’t anticipated is the boost of color that was reflecting on top of the flowing water from the golden autumn foliage all around! Bonus points for that, right?

In the end I was really pleased with how most of these photos turned out and had it not been for an ever increasing skunk odor working it’s way to me from up river I would have probably spent a little more time here and hiked up to the pool at the end of this stretch to see how the swirling water turned out with all the color around it! I’ll have to go back soon to try it out if I get some more time, though it’s been so hectic lately that I haven’t had much of a chance to get out and make photos…at least not with my bigger camera gear. My trusty iPhone and I have been busy wherever we go!

Oh and in case you are wondering, if you remember I said that I was shooting with the intent of creating an image for the IRPG photo challenge, which I did get some photo’s created for, however I got so busy with other client sessions and the general hectic pace of life right now that I never got around to posting a photo to the challenge and missed the deadline by a day! haha,

Oh well, the challenges are just for fun and geared to get us out experimenting and shooting more often, creating some new work, learning from others and refining our craft individually and as far as that side of it goes even though I didn’t post an image to the challenge it did get me out thoughtfully creating new artwork!

Till Next Time…

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