First Day of School Readiness

_DRS3092-1st day of school

So this past Monday, the 30th of September, Em had her first day of School Readiness. This is her first time where she goes to school all by herself a couple times a week for a few hours each day and she was super excited to go!

It’s crazy to think how quickly the time has flown that she is already this age, but I’m sure most parents say the same thing. We made sure to grab a few photos at the house in the morning before they left and then like a bonehead I forgot to reset the camera for Omega so she could take some more pictures of her actually getting to the school for the first time since I had to work and couldn’t be there. Even though she missed a couple of the photos from outside the school when they first got there she thankfully remembered how to reset the camera to the auto mode for herself and she made a handful of photo’s to commemorate this milestone for our baby!

_DRS3079-1st day of school

_DRS3081-1st day of school

_DRS3083-1st day of school

_DRS3084-1st day of school

_DRS3091-1st day of school

_DRS3092-1st day of school

_DRS3096-1st day of school

_DRS3099-1st day of school

She looked like she was all business once she got there, but she came out smiling and from what Omega said she seemed a little bit tired! But she is super excited to go back tomorrow, so that’s all that counts!

Till Next Time….

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